Thursday, 10 December 2009

First post 10 December 2009

Starting balance (all sites): $10,369.66

About me. I have a full time job and play poker in my spare time. On average I play about 15k hands per month of NL 100 and NL50. I aim to win about $1,000 per month and one day I am going to use the money to pay off my £250k interest only mortgage.

I ran well at the start of the year, but things have got tougher recently. I have experienced a couple of downswings and have basically broken even over the last few months.

The latest downswing since the start of December has really knocked my confidence. There is no doubt that I am running bad and, at times, playing bad. But I have also lost some confidence in my A game and have become more susceptible to tilt.

2009 Historical balances:

1 January $2,783.94
1 February $3,909.03
1 March $4,357.53
1 April $5,806.56
1 May $7,311.99
1 June $8,573.17
1 July $7,805.24 (First down swing)
1 August $8,782.42
1 September $10,608.46
1 October $11,529.94
1 November $10,140.21 (Second downswing)
1 December $11,201.67
10 December $10,369.66 (Third downswing)

I had hoped to make $10k this year. But it doesn't look likely now. I want to spend the rest of this year working on my game.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Last Post - 9 December 2019

Well it took 10 years, but I finally made it - I have now officially won enough money playing poker to pay off my mortgage - $425,000. This is how I did it. Thanks for reading.