Friday, 1 January 2010

Glad that's over

December finished poorly. Shortly after my last post, I had my worst ever day, losing about 8 buy-ins. I decided it was time to drop down two levels to try to get some confidence back. Since then I have put in about 6.8k hands of NL30 and won about $480 at 11.66PTBB (EV $481), which is encouraging. Most encouraging is that my red line is going up - I didn't realise quite how passive I had become over the last few months.

Overall I finished the year with $9,980.97, which is obviously hugely disappointing given where I was on 1 September. Goals for next year:

1) Win $18k.
2) Play 180k+ hands with a win rate of 5PTBB's+.
3) Move up to 1/2NL by 1 May.
4) Improve my hand reading (think about ranges and the best response every hand).
5) Get some coaching.
6) Final table a $200 buy in tourny (I played less than 5 tournys in 2009).
7) Go to my local card room (it turns out there is a dealer dealt poker club called Duffs nearby).
8) Make the best decision every time.
9) Have a winning year on Full Tilt (because I run like a 3 legged donkey there).
10)Run up a $10 free deposit to $5,000 on Party (strictly, continue where I left off - I made it from $10 to $338.39 last year).

I plan to start by winning $1,000 at NL30 and take it from there.

Good luck to everyone in 2010.