Thursday, 4 March 2010

Belated thoughts about Rush poker

Last month worked out pretty well.  I finished the month with a roll of $11,894.25 for a +$1,488 month which was awesome, not least because the vast majority was at NL50 and specifically NL50 6 max Rush poker, which is an awesome game. 

Being generally resistant to change, I only discovered RUSH poker on 6th Feb when it had already been running for a couple of weeks I think.  Some random thoughts about 50NL Rush poker

  1. Generally the players are softer than regular games - if you were a fish where would you play?
  2. Fish have a chance - because they are more inclined to fold and wait for bigger hands than they would at a regular table.
  3. Fish had/have a chance - for the few days it wasn't possible to use hold em manager and I think a lot semi reg Card runners types really struggled.  Even now the stats are much less useful than when part of a package of information (meta game etc, observed complete hands) that you have in a normal game. 
  4. The games have already changed.  When RUSH came out Cardrunners etc put videos out which basically said: its a one off situation, people will give you credit, so all the C runners members started 3 betting every button and cut off open when in the small blind.  Things have calmed down a bit since hold em manager caught up, but still there are certain players who are 3 betting 20% of the time from the SB - so tag em and bluff em.
  5. You can make more moves - no one sticks around to see your gigantic bluffs exposed - your table image is probably better than it usually is (and it is still true that people give you more credit for credible post flop moves).
  6. Fish (and bad taggy regs go berserk post flop - I have seen so many non credible post flop B/S check raises etc - raise em.
  7. You can play more hands per hour optimally against weaker opponents.  You can play two tables perfectly whilst getting in the hands you would normally get playing six.
  8. It was refreshing playing poker (all be it only for a few days without stats).  My game has improved.
  9. People play tighter, but they aren't waiting for aces. I have played more than 150 hands with 88 players whose average VPIP/PFR is 17.2/13.4.
  10. If you don't want action - wait a couple of seconds before opening - only the big blind will still be watching by the time your chips go in.
  11. People open from the small blind if folded to them 90% of the time - which means people open to wide a range from the SB.  Crush em.
  12. You can steel a lot.
  13. People respect UTG opens (and insta fold generally) - you can steel a lot from UTG - first in wins.
  14. You can call-to-crack - people play tighter and average stack sizes are often bigger, if you open UTG and get 3 bet from the C/O by a guy playing 14/12, he's has it, you can crack it.
  15. You get monster stacks - you have to be comfortable playing 200 and 300 BB stacks - because a lot of people have them (they don't leave and they are playing the equivalent of six tables but with two entries, so their stacks aren't spread out).
  16. People are afraid to play with 200 to 300 BB stacks - pots actually get smaller (people check more post flop and flat more pre) and big pairs become more vulnerable (normally you win a small hand or lose a big one etc with aces, with deep stack Rush you win an even smaller amount, or lose an even bigger amount than normal). 
  17. 160 to 240 big blinds is optimal - you can C2C.  More than 240 BB stacks are sub optimal (you win less money).
  18. There is a lot of shenanigans generally.
  19. There needs to be at least 120 players in the player pool to maximise the advantages of the randomness of the  RUSH format (less than that and you basically see the same players all the time).
  20. Its probably bad for your game in the long run - you only have to consider 1/3 of the information/things you normally have to consider, it encourages fancy play syndrome, you can't move up easily beyond NL100 as there aren't enough players at the 200 six max games, and once you've had speed poker its hard to go back to the slow stuff.
  21. There probably less fish in the regular games at the moment.  

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