Friday, 19 March 2010

Why would you bother?

Doing some random trawling around the Cardrunners forums and came across a post asking who has played the most hands online.  It seems this guy may have played the most since tracking began.

ZOMG 4.47 million hands in 18 months at NL100 for a $17k rakeback profit, why would you bother?

And whilst I'm here, what has happened to Stoxpoker? IMO pretty much every coach worth watching has left over the last few months for Dragthebar (including Fat Frank favourites Hunter Bick and Stosh McConnell).  That was followed by the Jason Ho stuff and now Stoxtrader himself has quit following this

Clearly Stox isn't popular amongst the higher stakes players and two plus two NVG community, but I have always been a big fan of his videos.  He might not play NLHE like a Nutedawg style valuehound.  But there is a certain calmness and clarity of thought to his low variance style decision making that I think pretty much every low stakes aspiring grinder should seek to incorporate a little bit of into their game.

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