Monday, 26 April 2010

Time to re-evaluate

I have been reluctant to move up to 100NL RUSH  for fear of running into a 10 buy-in mid session, month ruining, downswing.  But over the last few days I have had one or two stabs with reasonable success. So I decided to take the plunge full time.

I needn't have worried about a 10 buy-in drop.  It was 11.

Things started well.  On the third hand I opened with 56s, flopped a straight and got it in v bottom two.  The session went down hill from there.  He caught one of his 4 outs on the river and I proceeded to do my bollox whilst running about 9 buy-ins below .
There were of course some horrific bad beats - that's a feature of RUSH.  My favourite involved aces and my 3-bet calling opponent donk shoving for 87BB into the 27BB pot with AhKx on a low 2 heart board.  The runner runner flush put pay to any recovery hopes I might have harboured (I stacked an opponent with AA v KK simultaneously). 

There was plenty of failing to get there eg: shoving it in on a Kd 7h 8d flop with 10d9d and getting called by 7d5d.  I was a 65% favourite and 50% on the K turn.

But I also made some horrendous mistakes including shipping it in pre flop with QQ v 2 all in opponents - a full stack and a half stack.

In my defence, I was focusing on another cooler hand where I lost 200BB where the money went in on the turn and I had a made straight and flush draw and my opponent had a higher made straight.  It was a 9h7h 5d 6d board - he had 10d 8d - I had 8h5h and missed my 12 outs on the river).  I saw the half stack had shoved, but didn't realise the full stack had shoved as well.

I also aggro tilted off 140 bb pre-flop with AQ v KK, when I 4 bet called v a blind 3 bet even though I had no history to show the blind was a 3 betting blind maniac (it would have been a pretty sketchy call even if he was, as even the blind 3 bettors always seem to have AA, KK or AK when 5 bet shoving particularly when 140 BBdeep).

So its time for a change of approach.  I'm going to continue with 100NL RUSH, but I'm only going to play 2 tables, with short sessions and I'm going to focus on playing a small ball information based aggressive steeling game - my red line crashes as soon as I 3 and particularly 4 table and get into the trading buy-ins mode (which has been the theme of the last month). The 2 tabling approach was basically how I played when I first tried rush. 

For the record, graph for 25 April 2010 - this is what a 4 figure loss looks like aka 'this months' profit and a bit more down the crapper in one push'.  Heave ho:

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